About Us

“I felt that she really got into my heart and taught me about many things that I was doing wrong. She was so cool. She understood what some girls were going through. I felt that my heart was ready to jump out of my shirt and thank God for her coming.” – 9th Grader in Tennessee
Dare for More Ministries (DFM) was founded with one key goal in mind; to encourage women to dare for a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to equip them with the tools to reach their dreams. DFM ministers to women from all different backgrounds, of all different ages, and with many different needs. It is impossible, from a human perspective, for the ministry to meet even a small number of these needs. That is why we feel it is so important for our ministry to connect women to Christ. He is the only One who understands their problems and can meet their needs. Although the ministry deals with a variety of topics that relate to women, our core purpose is to help women take the next step in their relationship with Christ.

To reach this goal we have focused the energy of the ministry into two key areas:


Reba’s experience in the areas of coaching and working in various university settings have given the ministry a unique opportunity to reach out to young girls by addressing relevant issues in a straightforward manner. Through the avenues of school, church, camps, and sports related activities the ministry finds many outlets to help these girls in their own backyard. Reba addresses important subject matter such as purity, modesty, alcohol and drug use, eating disorders, self-image, and a variety of other current topics. The ministry has also published material to help the girls practically apply what they have learned.

DFM also feels that helping parents deal with the issues their teens face is an important part of what we do. Reba conducts sessions for parents on communicating with their teen, dealing with the new IPod generation, and helping young people discover why they believe what they believe. She has an array of topics especially geared for mothers. The ministry has published resources for parents as well.

Ministering to women is an exciting adventure. When you impact the life of a woman, you not only impact that woman but a myriad of other people. Women are relationship oriented. They have a multitude of relationships on many different levels. For example, when a women’s life is impacted, her home is impacted. This means that her husband and children are influenced by the change in her life. This scenario can be repeated in each one of her different relationships, whether at work or with her friends. We will never know until we get to heaven how many lives have been touched through ministering to one woman. Through conferences, retreats, and other women’s events, DFM seeks to touch the lives of women with the life changing love of God. The ministry also publishes an assortment of resources for women.